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Ferrite Sheet: KS100×100×10 RM95
Material: RM95

Description: Hard Mn-Zn ferrite blocks in square shape, mainly applied to the new energy vehicles requiring large power for wireless charing. KingStar has been working with renowned universities, research institutions as well as enterprises dedicated to wireless charging research in China, and provides them with the components for wireless charging, i.e. ferrite magnetics. Up till now, KingStar has more than a dozen of ferrite magnetic products for sale.

 Material Characteristics:



Ferrite Sheet Overview (1)

Ferrite Sheet Overview (2)

Ferrite Sheet Overview (3)

Ferrite Sheet Overview (4)

Ferrite Sheet Sample Size (1) (in mm)

Ferrite Sheet Sample Size (2) (in mm)

Ferrite Sheet Sample Size (3) (in mm)

Ferrite Sheet Sample Size (4) (in mm) 

Ferrite Sheet Sample Size (5) (in mm)

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